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ET Review from Queen's U

I didn't write this.  I thought maybe some people on the net would like 
to know how some people outside of the Maritimes view the scene.  My vote 
is it's wicked..  Anyway, this is from Surface, one of many Queen's U 
student papers.  I haven't listened to Forever Again in its entirety, so 
I can't really say whether I agree with this guy or not.  If you a gree 
with him, great.  If not, then that's okay, 'cuz what can anybody not on 
sloannet know about good music anyway?

Eric's Trip
Forever Again
	There music is the sound the class wallflower makes when you goad 
him into speaking.  A giddy, halting confessional that sputters out of 
the speakers--hopelessly inarticulate, but caringly crafted.  Things that 
have been stored up for years.  Guitars crackle, voices trail off, the 
mix rises and swells with flubbed notes and broken chords.  The effect is 
giddy and uncomfortable.
	the voices are Rick and Julie's, and this time the story's all 
theirs too.  Julie's pregnent, Rick's reticent and Forever Again tells it 
all.  It's hard not to turn away as the doubts and recriminations fly.  
"I'm so scared", they whisper, "Will you be the same person/ who left 
before the fall?"
	In "About You" kulie tells her parents.  "Girlfriend" is Rick's 
revision of the relationship as B-grade horror--it's as if the new baby 
is an alien larve, and Julie it's gruesome incubator.  "I don't love 
you', he tells her.  But the end brings reconciliation, and the two are 
reunited forever...again.
	It's hard to touch the kind of sincere emotional froufrou.  But 
the fact stands that Forever Again is, maybe understandably, Eric's Trip 
at hteir most inbred.  The lyrics are spare and wounding but hte songs 
are slaphappy simple.  Tuneful like a circus jingle, Forever Again is 
hardly accomplished music.  Rick's home studio, Stereo Mountain, never 
seemed so small.  What was once a monolith of fuzzed-up emotion looks 
like a patch of dirty shag carpet in the flickering light of a fleamarket 
lava lamp.
	There's no doubt that Eric's trip mean IT, but what is IT 
really?  Canada's most creative new band are falling prey to the same 
emotional excess that makes them great, and the retreat is taking them 
places that only diehard fans want to go.    B-
                              -Sean Saraka

Gee, maybe I really hate this review, now that I've reread it.  I guess 
it's hard to be called inbred and slaphappy simple and take it as a 
Remember, I didn't write it, I just copied it!

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