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i didn't know which way to title this message to
get people to read it.  so i went with a mixture
of common courtesy and shameless titillation.
hope i satisfied everyone.  :-)

i, your faithful listowner, have noticed a 
marked increase in list traffic.  i think it's
*terrific* that more people are getting involved
in sloan net, and feeling free to post.  however,
there are many people on the net who have limited
time to read email, not to mention limited storage
space for messages.

i'd like to suggest a few ways to cut down on
list traffic a little.  this advice is directed
at myself as much as anyone else on the list.

1.  if you want to unsubscribe, send me a personal
message at jrcovey\!/ac.dal.ca.  don't send it to
the whole list.  (ok, this one isn't for me.)

2.  if someone posts asking for information:
	(a) if other people on the list would 
	benefit, feel free to post answers to
	the list, but make sure someone else
	hasn't beat you to it before you reply.
	(b) if other people *won't* benefit,
	reply *privately*.

3.  if you have a news item about the east coast
scene or bands, gig reviews, etc, those are 
always welcome.  if what you're posting doesn't
relate, think twice before posting.  maybe on
a day where list traffic is high, you could
save your opinions for a rainy day, instead of
being like me and sending three anal retentive
posts in one day about the tragically hip or
analog vs. digital.

4.  if you want to slip something in that's
off topic but funny or noteworthy, or something
that you want to say to someone else "in front
of" the whole list, why not include it as a 
postscript in another note?


	dear list:
		i saw the new jale video for "promise"
	on muchmusic today, and it is *so* cool!


	p.s. whaddaya mean leslie?!?  how the fuck
	can you not include *steve earle* on a list
	of the "only country artists that matter"?!?
	and what about al tuck, palace, and freakwater?

5.  i promise to get to work and get that 
FAQ together.  that should cut down on the
number of questions that are posted.

remember, these are just some guidelines.
no one's going to get mad if you break them
sometimes.  i just want to make people more
aware of how they can make this a more
pleasant experience for all concerned.
because, after all, we're all pleasant 
people and we like pleasant rock and roll.
that's why we're on sloan net!  :-)

your pleasant list manager

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