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Re:Boots/Sloan Radio Show CBC

>      I was just wondering if you know of any way I can get ahold of 
>  any sloan/thrush hermit/jale/madhat/ bootlegs. I have a Sloan bootleg, 
>  but I'm not sure where it is from.

   Well, since everyone was sooooo impressed with Sloan's Halifax 
performance.  I thought you might be interested in when Sloans 
radio show is going to be broadcasted.  Last I heard from Rheostatics 
performance on CBC they said Sloan was to be played on the November 
26, Saturday night 8PM or so.  It should be funny to see what 
funny little speaking interludes (they do that on CBC) Sloan has to 
say in between commericals.  

  Get'er tapes ready.
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