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Cash Bar

Michael Damian Catano <mcatano\!/is.dal.ca> noted:

}Hmm ... I think just about every "indie" band in the world would _prefer_ 
}to play all-ages shows, 

Except the ones who prefer to play to a bunch of drunks who stare at their 
beer glasses all night and talk through the gig.

To make 
}money at a show, you generally gotta get a lot of people to come (duh?) 
}so most people figure that a bar show is likely to attract more business 
}- esp. for the bar.  

About 3 hours into an all-ages show, they should order about 50 pizzas and 
make a mint selling slices.  They'll have an easy time selling $3 pizza 
and it might convince the kids to pay $1.50 for a can of Cott (not even 
Coke/Pepsi) when they get thirsty from the excess salt/spice.  Me bruddah 
skipped out during HCG to buy pop & chips at relatively sane corner store 

}If the bar is sellin' brew, then the band usually 
}gets a bigger cut at the door, 'coz the bar can make way more cash 
}selolin' liqour, but, if it's all-ages, the venue has gotta get a larger 
}cut at the door, and pack that many more people in.

Or charge a bigger door price.  Anybody pay $12 before to see Sloan at a 
bar in Hfx?  I'm used to paying $4 to $8 max for local band gigs, booze or 

For a band like 
}Sloan who are fairly well-known, but not THAT big, it makes sense that in 
}some communities where they aren't established, they would play all-ages.

Did you get that logic backward?  I think that they'd have to play bars 
where people will pay for booze, so that the venue can make a profit.

}But bar shows still suck. I assume they do it for the money, 'coz if they 
}didn't, they couldn't tour.  Ah well.

Only for an indie.  Real major-label bands make their money on 
merchandising (licensing their image for t-shirts, etc.)  Record sales and 
tours are lucky to break even.  Am I right, Joyce?