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while you're on the subject of Sloan lyrics

Hi there!  In light of all the ?s and talk about Sloan lyrics, esp. 
"Left of Centre", I thought I'd post this excerpt from a private 
interview with Chris Murphy on Jan. 16th or 17th, 1993.  It's really long and
 sort of outdated, but I hope it's interesting enough to redeem itself.  In it, 
Chris talks about the songs that Sloan had released up to that point.

Chris:O.K., in one hand I have "Peppermint", and in the other hand I have 
"Smeared".  It's a total of fifteen songs altogether.
[On Peppermint:]
"marcus said" is about this guy from town named Marcus who told me to 
write a song about him called "alcoholic alchemy", so I did.  An 
alchemist is someone like a chemist, and one of the things they did was 
turn lead into gold.  Marcus is also a master craftsman, he's a real 
sculptor, so the correlation was that he could turn a metal into 
something precious.  It's about an actual event, when I was talking to 
him on Halloween night a couple of years ago.

"underwhelmed" is a cutesy teen song.  It was a poem I made up in second 
year university.  It's got a bunch of puns in it and stuff, which is kind 
of weird, because I find that that's a very Canadian thing to do-these 
smart aleck, really pun lyrics, although I think that ours is a bit 
different because of the execution, how we recorded it.

"pretty voice" is one of Jay's songs.  That's about me being in Black 
Pool, I think.  I was playing in Sloan and Black Pool at the same time, 
and Jay wanted me to ditch Black Pool.

"lucky for me" is about getting a record deal, and how everyone says, 
"Yeah, I'm glad you got a record deal", but it was written before we got 
a record deal, because everyone thought we had a record deal.

"sugartune" is about Patrick's old girlfriend.  She still lives in town.

"torn" is my version of being in Black Pool and Sloan at the same time.
[He goes on to talk about recording the songs, and where the covers of 
Peppermint and Smeared came from, but I'll just continue with the song 
commentary, O.K.?]

[On Smeared:]

We recorded "Underwhelmed" again at Terry Pulliam's studio.

"Raspberry" is about a friend of ours who got all these prank phone calls.

"I Am The Cancer" is about a bunch of my friends.  It's about being left 
behind, and the only joke in that is [that] this person goes out and 
finds something they can leave behind.  I don't know if you know all 
these lyrics, but "scarecrow" was in it; that's a Wizard of Oz reference.

"Median Strip" is a book that my girlfriend, Laura Borealis, wrote.  She 
meant the median strip which is that area of grass in between two 
highways.  She was talking about it being a paradise in the middle of 
urban-ness, sort of an "eye" in a hurricane.  We just meant it like, "You 
should hit the median strip", meaning, "You should hit the road".  Just 
sort of bastardising that term that she coined.

"Take It In" is about someone in love with somebody, but the other person 
doesn't know it, and can't imagine [it].  The modern version of this is 
that my girlfriend is always insisting that these young girls I meet are 
in love with [me]. If they were, then it would sort of fit into this.

"500 Up" is Andrew and Patrick's lyrics, they're totally senseless. {He 
WAS referring to the lyrics.] 500 up is a game of baseball where you hit 
the ball and a whole bunch of people try to catch it. If you catch it in 
the air, you get 100 ponts, if it bounces once, you get 75...

"Marcus Said" and "Sugartune" are remixed on our Geffen record.

"Left of Centre" is about being 24 years old, or 22, or however old I was 
when I wrote it.  It's about being in the middle of people who are our 
parents age who are into nostalgia, and their young children, who are 
into Ninja Turtles.  The song starts, "I remember Uncle Owen", and Uncle 
Owen was Luke Skywalker's uncle in Star Wars, and Star Wars is basically 
one of the only things I could think of that I was the perfect age for.  
It came out when I was in grade three, and then the others came out when 
I was in grade five and grade seven, something like that, which was perfect.

"Lemonzinger" is Jay's.  It's about pop music, and how he loves pop music.

"Two Seater" is about my friends who liked each other, but I liked them, too.

"What's There To Decide" That's Jay's song.  I don;t know what it means.

	-So that's it.  Sorry it's so massive.  If you have any ?s, feel 
free to ask. I could always post more of the interview on the net if you 
wanted.				Peace, love, and happiness,