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Sloan Cover

Hot Smokin' Sassafrass, by some easily forgotten 70's band named Bubblegum 
somethin'-or-other.  If I'm a bit off, Adam or Shant can straighten that 
[As I write this, Shant steps in and does so.  Go figure]
It was a wicked song, but I don't get the Sabbath reference, other 
than maybe lyrically, because it didn't sound like Sabbath to me.  And it 
definitely wasn't Symptom of the Universe or Right Brigade, I've heard them 
do those before.

Why doesn't Stinkin' Rich ever do more than 2 songs?

What happened to the third member of HCG?  I even saw him in the crowd but 
he didn't play.  At HPE I thought he was just worn out or sick from 

Why can't sound crews get the mikes to work at rap shows?  They don't need 
the drum kit mikes to work, or the guitar tracks, all they need are 3 
channels for mikes.  But they always get screwed up.  It was pretty 
annoying trying to listen to "Jizz" with muted vocals.

Why do I like Superfriendz so much when they put on such low-key gigs?
They're all such great musicians and singers that they'd sound great 
singing NKOTB songs.  And Drew Yamada looks so cute with his short 'do. :)

Isn't it wierd that a hip-hop act like HCG makes such a good opener for a 
"grunge" gig?  Are all the grunge-puppies really so open-minded about 
their musical tastes?  I didn't see any real crowd division, where kids 
came to see HCG and left before Sloan.  (I've seen such things before with 
mismatched lineups)  Or are they just "white-boy rap"?  I didn't see many 
blacks in the crowd, so I wonder if they have any following in our black 
community or not.

Sloan was a bit sloppy.  They were kinda pissed off at the stage divers, 
rightfully so, since they kept destroying mikes and other things.  It 
would have been pretty nasty if the bodysurfers had knocked down those 
lights over the crowd.  And please folks, when you surf, do it one at a 
time.  I hate watching two goofs being used by the crowd as battering rams 
and getting their heads knocked together.  And after they started getting 
thrown out for surfing, why did they continue?  What's the cheap thrill of 
getting booted from a club ten minutes before it closes?

I think that's enough questions for a Monday Morning.  :)

Did I mention that I really like Patrick's voice?