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(fwd) Re: Halifax, home of great music

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Subject: Re: Halifax, home of great music
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Date: 3 Nov 1994 22:13:05 GMT
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ANTHONY NICHOLSON (014653n\!/axe.acadiau.ca) wrote:
:    Has anyone heard music from the halifax "scene"? (halifax , nova scotia, 
: canada). If so I'd like some feedback, just for curiosity sake. 
  I myself adore 
: the music of Sloan, Hardship Post, Jale, Thrush Hermit and others 
  from halifax.
: So if you've heard some tell about it , if you haven't well rush out and find 
: some NOW!.

:                                                                     Anthony N

     Unfortunately, the Halifax scene is only running at about 50/50.  
There are only two bands to have come out of that scene which I am aware 
of, those being Sloan and Jale.  Sloan are probably the most 
disappointing band which I have ever listened to.  Being a DJ and 
afforded the opportunity to listen to a wide variety of music, Sloan fall 
into the catagory of boredom.  Their first album was passable, but the 
second, Twice Removed, is a failure.  Suddenly, Sloan decides that they 
are moving in the wrong musical direction and decided to become a new 
audio/visual version of the Beatles?  I was excited that there was going 
to be a new Sloan album, but upon seeing the video for the first single 
(the song escapes me), that quickly changed.  Pallid, dull, snivelling 
garbage.  My co-host and I played the new album once, and will not do so 
     And then, much to my consternation, I pick up DGC's rarities 
collection, and find out that Sloan is on it.  How can anything Sloan 
ever wrote be considered a "rarity" when the band has existed for only a 
few short years, and only released two albums?  I am sure "rare" must 
refer to how few people actually purchased their new album, and in panic, 
Geffen decided that it was absolutely necessary to add Sloan, in order to 
boost album sales.
  Then there is Thrush Hermit, Sloan Jr.  I remember playing the first 7" 
that station received quite a bit.  Once again, expecting much, as soon 
as the full length Thrush Hermit CD arrived, we played it immediatly.  
Never again.  So bad was that album. It seems they followed Sloan into
the depths of forgetable Canadian naivity.
     Following in Sloan's burning record deal footsteps, along comes 
Jale.  At first, I avoided this band at all costs, dreading their 
"infamous" connection with Halifax and Sloan.  However, with the release 
of their new album on SubPop "Dreamcake", I was impressed.  I like the 
album, and will play it again.  I have to appreciate Jale's conservative 
attitude, refusing to sign to Island, thus avoiding the major label 
pitfalls which Sloan gleefully accepted.  Hopefully, Jale will learn from 
Sloan's mistakes.

     Besides Jale, their is only one musician who has come out of Halifax 
who is consitently amazing, Sarah Mclaughlan.  Thank Goodness that she is 
not signed to Murder Records.

                                                C. Kennedy
                                                The Chelsea Hotel
                                                CJSR 88.5 FM