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i had to write this anyway - sloan 11/5/94

i am the cancer - screw up on lyrics
worried now - one of the weaker tracks IMO
snowsuit sound - cha-a-ance...brilliant chorus
take it in
laying blame - great great song
bells on - one of my favorites - the lyrics are incredible - a little 
  too close to home though...but that's what's great i guess.
("Laura Borealis lives!"  ?????) - audience person
500 Up - first time I've seen them do this one.
Coax me - "I've never made so many mistakes in MY LIFE!"  "The joke is
    we're getting recorded by CBC radio and it's gonna sound really bad"
I Hate My Generation - GREAT version of this...
I can feel it - another fav from TR...live it was good, but J pierce's 
   vocals really make the song blissful...so live it was lacking.
UNDERWHELMED - big mosh...crowd participation - yeah!  :)
   the band had fun with this one. completely screwed up in parts.
   This is where Chris and Pat had their big fight  :)
People of the Sky - great song...andrew's voice just wasn't up to it.
   Actually, it was WAY WAY off  :)
  chris was solid on drums and andrew can play guitar. (when I knew
  him in '86-88 he didn't play drums at all)
Deeper than Beauty - wow! just chris on guitar/vox + andrew. 
Sugartune - true to the original. the audience screamed for it. still
  sounds great after "all these years"....  :)
wicked cover - sounds like Sabbath - I posted to a bunch of newsgroups
   with some lyrics to find out what it was - or you could ask peter or 
   something. first - tell him that my guess is Frank Zappa or Black 
   Sabbath...the cover WAILED.

some of the songs were pretty sloppy, but the songs are so good that it
just doesn't matter....great melodies....the songs are almost on auto-pilot
or something. No amount of human error can wreck 'em. I dunno.

I don't know what else to say abou the gig (that's your job  :)  but hmm
less energy than last year...still goofy and fun though. Last year I was
completely FLOORED by their show, this year it was just a great gig. 
(What a damning commentary...i tell ya...).


Whoever can name that cover wins my deepest admiration. What the hell
was it??????