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Checkin out the boys on the New Music...

Hello :)
Did anyone else see Sloan last night on tthe New Music on Much
Music? It was hilarious...they took an old interview they did a 
couple years ago on TNM, and Jay and Chris re-recorded their voices
over it. Is it just me, or are Sloan interviews one of the most insanely
entertaining things on the planet?
   You gotta love Chris' sense of humour...:)
I'm still lauging at the one they did on Much two years ago with
Steve Anthony, when they were introducing the brand new 500-Up video...
...you remember, come on....
Chris Murphy (rising slowly out of his seat; to cameraman):"Just
            stay there! I'm trying to use the monitor to create
            some illusions.."
Jay Ferguson: "Hey--this is just like on Petrie and Prime!"
--your partner in crime,
tara :)

"The smile that you send out...
      returns to you."    :)
      -Indian Wisdom