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Re: change of topic(s)

On Sat, 29 Oct 1994, Michael Damian Catano wrote:

> Not that I really want to get into this debate, but I don't think you'll 
> see Viewmaster on Indie Street, 'coz E.T. aren't really all that indie 
> anymore...  I don't think SubPop really qualifies - they can afford to 
> send their artists over to europe regularly, they have international 
> distribution, you can buy their records anywhere, really, so I wouldn't 
> go o far as to say that they're an "indie" label.

Indie vs. Major 101

An indie label by definition is a label that is distributed by an 
independent distribution company.  It is also a label wholly owned by 
someone other than a major label.  Therefore, Sub Pop is an indie label.
In the United States, we are distributed by ADA.  In Canada, we are 
distributed by Denon.  In the European territories where our records are 
release, we are distributed by indies.  I believe the only territories 
where our records are distributed by majors are France (Virgin) and Japan 

We don't have a limitless supply of money, and not everyone goes to 
Europe.  We send bands to Europe when it makes financial sense.  In 
Eric's Trip's case, they got some government grant money to go over.  
Otherwise, the number of records they sold over there would not have 
justified our expenditure.  In jale's case, they had a top ten radio 
single in the UK, so it made a lot of sense for them to play over there.  

Joyce Linehan
Sub Pop Employee