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3rd brother Rodenhiser metions SLOAN

In today's Daily Snooze my oldest brother, David(not Andrew whose account 
I'm using and fellow netter), manages to metion Sloan in his first concert 
review as enterainment guy at the Snooze.  Michael Danckert, X-razorback
is playing in town and Davi interviewed him between sets.

          "I like what I hear coming out of Halifax," 
        he says between sets at the Roxbury. He counts
        himself as a big fan of local alternative heroes 
        SLOAN, who he call "the grunge Beatles." 
          "They're as good as any band out there," he said.
        Unfortunatley he won't get to see Sloan's Nov 5 show  
        at Brunswick Hall, because he'll be playing at 
        Smooth Herman's in Sydney.

Needless to say I'm very pleased that he mentoned Sloan.

                                Adam "youngest of three" Rodenhiser

P.S. David has worked with Chris Murphy and Patrick Pentland before,
on a CKDU show in the late 80's, during journalism school.
.....and now it's time for............
The Nantucket Review ...........

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