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Re: Variety is actually a good thing

King Mike C. sed:

}Oasis sound like a bunch pf spoiled white british wankers who think that 
}they are the fucking rolling stones.

Who, as we all know, weren't/aren't a bunch of spoiled white british 

  they ain't.  they don't have any of 
}the groove, soul or feel thatthe rolling stones had, or a lot of other 
}bands of that period posessed.  where the stones appreciated blus music, 

Which means they were just copying the grungy american shit of the 30's.

By the way, did anyone notice that Sloan, Superfriendz, and HCG/Stinkin' 
Rich are playing on the fifth? 

Sloan couldn't somehow sneak in another date that weekend?  I have tickets 
to Neptune.