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sloan gig, n stuff

since type my posts before I log on, I don't know if James has posted a 
message about the sloan gig at Brunswick Hall, Nov. 5, so...there it is.
I guess Stinkin' Rich, Hip Club Groove and Super Friends are playing as 
well.  Would rather see other bands, like maybe State Champs, Plum Tree, 
Rebecca West or Strawberry.  Oh well, I guess you gotta push those Murder 

I picked up the Carpenters "tribute" album, it's great, the only annoying 
track is by Dishwalla, they remind me to much of a horrible experience I 
had at the Deuce once.  I also picked up the new Liz Phair, supair bon.
AND I got a great deal on the eponymous Neil Young album, $10.00 for one of 
my favorites, and, I here, Mike Catano's as well.:)

I saw Shawshank Redemption, it's a great film, go see it.
 James Cooper