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subpop/eric's trip on internet

There is an internet subpop address where you can get on a mailing list for
catalogs, announcements and network information.

The addresses are:

1.      For network information:

loser\!/subpop.com        (type in body) subscribe SUBPOP-L <your email address>

2.      For announcements:

loser\!/subpop.com        (type in body) subscribe ANNOUNCE <your email address>

3.      For catalog:

loser\!/subpop.com        (type in body) get email catalog <your email address>

**The only one I'm not sure about is the catalog one, I've never tried it so
the command might be wrong.  If it is wrong, they will let you know how to
correct it**

hopefully of help,

"Trying to make you feel better,
Is like trying to trick St.Peter."
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