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wicked jale show

   last night I attended a jale/Al Tuck And No Action show, here
in Ottawa, at the loveable shoebox that we like to call The Pit.
It was a great show....
   Al Tuck And No Action opened up, and I have to tell you, 
I was genuinely impressed. They had me in a happy trance, with 
their pleasant blend of folk & blues music, all intricate, emotional, and very beautiful. I hadn't heard 
any of their stuff prior to the show, but they blew me away. 
Chris Murphy has hailed Al as "the best songwriter on Earth", and
all I can say after last night is that Chris really knows what he 
is talking about.:)
   Jale played their hearts out, through a set that was comprised
mostly of material from their "Dreamcake" lp. 
     They began with their "hit", "Not Happy"--but all jale songs
are hits in my eyes :)-- and  followed through with the likes of 
"Emma", "3 Days", "Mend" (fabulous), and "The Unseen Guest".
    A new song, "9 Years" was introduced, and sounded fantastic.
    A definate highlight was their cover of Johnny Cash's "Blue
Train", which had me absolutely ecstatic, as did the always in-
credible "Nebulous".
    e second-last song played was "Lung" (off "Nevermind t
Mollusks"), which is my favourite jale song. This caught me by 
surprise (and delight), because I had noted upon reading the
set-list at the beginning of the show, that "Lung" was not 
written down. The girls evidently had a change of heart, however,
and decided to play it instead of "Again". At this point, I was 
beyond sheer happiness.
   it should also be noted here I guess, how, halfway through 
the set, poor Alison, who was beat, stepped out from behind
her kit to sing a drum-less "River", giving an intriguingly dif-
ferent perspective to the song (which sounded great). They 
finished off their wicked show with "Promise". Could anyone have
asked for a better birthday present? :)
  p.s...after the show, I chatted a bit with Eve, and asked her
to sing "The Honeymoon Song"...She explained the story behind it
--which I'm not going to tell you:)--but was way too "freaked out
in a good way" to sing it. She said to ask her again next time,
and said I should have asked her before the show....oh well:)
                  your friend,