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sloan \!/ cbgb's

I suppose it's a bit late to write about this but I've been busy...
I saw sloan play at cbgb's in new york on the  8th of october.  Needless to
say I was really excited.  I got there and some terrible band was playing
so I sat outside, I think it was patrick that I saw walking around
aimlessly on the street.  When we went inside my friend and i watched the
boys set up not realizing that we were sitting on their equipment.  we got
up.  They played a pretty short set,  mostly from the new album, plus
underwhelmed, I am the cancer and torn.  Jay kept thanking us all for
coming and for standing right up in the front.  I sensed an animosity
between the band members.  I don't know but it seems that jay was at odds
with chris.  As a matter of fact, it was provoked even further when, during
underwhelmed, Chris gave his bass to some chick in the audience to hold
while he sang, then he brought her upon stage gave her the mike at
opportune moments("especially when you're dealing with me") and, well she
did not do as well as I'm sure some of us could have.  Well, then the two
of them danced and got rather close, to say the least.  As you can see,
Jay's lack of enthusiasm was not unfounded.  At the end of the show, Andrew
got up and played guitar, with jay on bass and chris on drums and played
people of the sky.  Andrew was less than charismatic and seemed eager to
get off the stage.  So at the end Andrew and Jay got off and  Chris started
to play drums while Patrick gave a bit of the old feedback screech.
well, that's all, I had to leave so I did not get to see jale, jennifer was
not to be found when sloan palyed i can feel it.
oh well.  i wish it had been more festive.  they're usually so fun when
they play together.