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jale in TO

Well, it's funny, I joined this net to keep track of all the shows,
news of the bands from the Halifax music world.  First there was
Sloan, which I wanted to see when they passed through TO...well,
they were sold out b4 I even heard they were comin...and I still 
haven't heard they were comin' from SloanNet...  I'm also on the 
Kissarmy mailing list, and we know about shows well before they are
announced...it's funny that we have Joyce here from SubPop, and yet
still we don't know of dates for the bands she promotes...ie: jale.

Well, luckily I found out in time, and went down and checked them out.
They played a very tight set.  This was the first time I've seen them,
and was impressed...  Al Tuck was the opening band, and man I thought
he was gonna put the whole crowd to sleep...  He's pretty good, but 
this just doesn't seem to be the right forum for his music...

The played pretty much everything from their 'dreamcake' album, along
with a couple older songs..which I didn't know.  I met Jen before the
show, and it turns out that I know her brothers quite well, and I got
caught up on what's been going on in my old neighborhood, which was
quite neat...  All in all, a pretty good night...except I felt kinda
old at the show, since I would think most of the crowd was in their
late teens...  And yes, I stood in the back chatted with a friend and
had a couple beers...no moshing, no stage diving, no crowd surfing...
and I still really enjoyed the show!!

Later all,


Also, Jen and I talked about SloanNet...which she seems quite familiar
with, and said she would like to join up sometime...
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