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Twice Removed Lyrics

Transcribed as quickly as I could from TR lyric sheet that came with the
Murder release.


I write you from a far country
in north of Africa
it is Algeria
and my city is Oran

I know you'll find this letter strange
that is because I am strange

my first name is Amal
and I'm a girl I'm a girl La La La

I am a Norweigan boy
which have some question
I have only thirteen years 
but I am crazy of you

can I have a souvenir?
and if you can a wick of hair
send me documents 
and a photo of you alone

here's my photo dedicece
one of you would be canon
I worship all you handsome words
to me you seem giant

you're so cool but you know that 
I hope your letters never stop

you are surely special
I like you I'm like you La La La

I Hate My Generation

What could you both possibly share?
Other than the colour of you hair
Sean said "We both play guitar"

and never even have to say a word
that's the best thing that I ever heard

You have left a fingerprint on me
just dust and then you'll surely see

I've got my reservations
and I hate my generation

If I was born in the 40's 
I'd be a teen in the 50's
and maybe I watch too much T.V.
and maybe, maybe it's my fault
I should take it with a grain of salt

I've got my hesitation
wait on your generation

esseeayennessayayedee  (S E A N S A I D)
pee L A why yeah yeah yeah (P L A Y yeah yeah yeah)

what could you both posibly share?
other than the colour of you hair
Sean said "We both play guitar"

and never even have to say a word
that's the best thing that I ever heard
I have got my reservations
as I skate by my generation

People of the sky
(Sorry about this one, the scrawl is pretty bad)

I once knew a pair that used to fit vey tight
but now a man standing tall inthe wake of this night
His eyes are waiting in anger at the though of her sight
On an innocent trip my hand to god I'm sick
of waiting this shit
so sit and listen - fool
"Horrible, I ain't gettin in no plane"...Blah Blah Blah

Coax Me

it all seemed to happen so fast
will you ever believe the way he passed
I saw his widow speak on her fortune
she was feelin pretty apethatic

coax me cajole me

If I drink concentrated O.J.
can I think consolidated's O.K.?
It's not the band I hate, it's their fans
three cans of water perverts me

coax me cajole me
and after he died
by rights sheld(she'd?) have cried
I gave mine away

I saw a widow's peak on her forehead
it was full of lines and sinkers

coax me cajole me

Bells on

While I'm at this funereal you're in New York
I've been dividing my grieving
you're slipping with a mutual friend

I dreamed that I kissed your mouth 
and you thought about me over Christmas
oh you might know who I am
but I know who you are

Your Heart is in your art and mines in New York
I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve
you're sleeping with a mutual friend
and I want to be with you again again
and again
I've though about you a lot lately
so flash me you metal smile

I'm thinkin about you, you're thinkin about New York
to you your friend was hurt
to him I owe him money
will you pay back the thirty dollars
that he thinks I owe him 
but I don't owe him anything

If you had a funeral I'd be there with bells on

If I had a funeral would you even care?
would you wear your silver dress?
would you actually wear lipstick?
would you lie upon my grave?
and be there with bells on
so you could ring me from this life.


Somehow it grew, cut me in two, to tell you the truth
I don't know what I'm doing
So this is it, from where you sit, I should be going

Put it backinto the same place
where you found it when you came in 
Put me back into the same shape
how you found me, before you broke me

Somehow I knew, you'd tell me soon, to tell you the truth
I thought you'd tell me sooner
Frozen where I stand, take you by the hand
your grip just loosens

This hasn't happened for the first tie
and I know it won't be the last time

Worried Now

I think I've lost my sense of homour
Cos I can't seem to get a laugh
I keep forgetting all the punch lines
and I can't make them up that fast

Remember the time when you told me not to worry 
I'm worried now

I think I'm losing all my patience
And I know I'm too quick to judge
I don't give up all that easily 
But I'm too relieved to hold a grudge

Remember the time when you told me not to worry
I'm worried now

You told me not to care so I don't care
But anytime that you told me told me not to worry 
I'm worried now

Shame Shame

Shame Shame
Because you didn't say your girlfriend's name
four sure - I'll say it next time for sure
she has got the saddest handle that I know
no one even holds a candle
who would blow out her flame?
I'm over come with shame

Shame Shame
Because you didn't read all of Dames Dames
ou knew -  you knew the damage it would do
she is just hte brightest candle that I know
I hope her holder has a hanlde on her though
but keep you head I can't accept your head

I would love to, I would love to
but I am overcome with shame

Shame Shame
because you couldn't say your girlfriend's name
you - you knew that problems would ensue
I wrote your name for all to see
I wrote your name for all to see

I would love you, I would love you
but I am overcome with shame
I never read all of Dames Dames
I can't identify the change
but something isn't quite the same
and then I couldn't say your name

Deeper than beauty

I suppose that I've seen you three times now
and I guess thatI'm wandering how
you keep the boys at bay
I have a feeling that they are wondering too

I've seen you with you hair down 
atl least five times I've always wondered 
what makes a man commit crimes
but even I would sometimes
if it were for the likes of you

and your glasses your hideous glasses
when you remove them I would rather 
skip my classes and be caught
than to entertain the thought
that someday you'll just put them on again
but I can make the best of it until then

still I know you go deeper than your beauty
you go well above and beyond the call of
duty to you country and your school 
but I grew up too coll
I'm like the best of them
with our thumbs up our asses
if you call I will come but
I'm about as quick as molasses
when I dream of you you're not
wearing ou glasses

Snowsuit sound

Pushed off of the silver swings, I got my braces full of sand
when all I ever wanted to do was hold on to you hand
lost you once, I never had a second chance
Would  you have changed your mind with a second glance

I thnk I'll take you down now, take you down from that shelf
Let you be and set you free instead of keepin you for myself
I guess it'll always be the same and it might be just as well
Let you think, fill your sink, I've already smashed that shell

You're the sizzleteen, and you're older than me
I'm just walkin' around, I made that snowsuit sound
It's not up to me now, la la

Before I do

There's no more fame to address
did you impress
in all fairness yes
so just cancel my game, if it's all the same to you

I've had clear thoughts
tied in black and blue knots
but you remember that I forgot
to track them down

call me if you need my help
to watch you - help me! help you

I've tried it all before
and it's not alot of laughs
and there's a hole in my heart
you worried your vice twice
like a basket full of roses and the 
pearly gate now closes with you inside.

How shouldI drink to this
my trains been stalled for ages and 
this means me standing still with a 
first class ticket

I'm usually in mourning in the afternoon
and night - otherwise I'm asleep
At least I've got a lot of room 
and the alarm is set for noon - 
and it's going to go off before I do

I can feel it

She came running I hate everything that came before me
Crushed I'm breaking under the crush
Don't ignore me because you know I can always
make it louder - 3
3 is nothing out of 10

You've got a thing for me I can fell it
and I've got a thing for you too you can have it

I've  been running just  to get away from what's inside me
Rush I'm drowning under the rush
Happy Birthday to the best brother in the world
at least I'm stull cool to one girl

No strings attached no copy to match no drift to catch
no plans to hatch no itch to scratch just infatuation 
is all you need

you could tell a million lies, and I'd think they all were true
trust that's my trust in you
It's what I value and it's what I refuse to lose
cos you've got a thing for me and I've got a thing 
for you