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  Hello all ye fellow Sloan-heads and whatnot :),
  Je m'appelle Tara and I am co-editor of a sort-of Sloan-'zine
entitled "Fiction" (a la "FIction by Patrick Pentland story that
you may remember reading in the first Sloan newsletter awhile 
back). It is a collection of stuff (most of it having something
to do with Sloan) that my friends and I have put together just
for fun! We hand it out for free (charging nothing but a smile!)
but mailing it away is a different story althogether, and it 
turns into one of those send-a-dollar deals.
  Sooooo, if you are interested in checking out our first issue
(it's a quarterly), just e-mail me and I'll give ya the address!
  If you wish to contribute, we readily accept any stories,
poems, artwork, thoughts, comments, recipes, letters, etc, ect,
(ESPECIAALY if it is Sloan-oriented or has anything to do with
Sloan). So, again, just e-mail me for the address, and you'll be
set!! :)
                     --Your friend,
                           Tara :)

Tara and Chris da Costa
   "The smile that you send out...
returns to you!" 
               -Indian Wisdom