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Re: questions

Laura (Crapo) Borealis is a very talented young woman who went to school 
in Halifax and now lives in Chicago.  She has recently directed a new 
video for the Eric's Trip single "Viewmaster" which I think is lovely.  
She also put out a ten inch record last year under the name "Sob Shop," 
and I got a new demo tape from her today which I can't wait to listen to 
tomorrow.  And she tells me she should be on line soon.


On Wed, 5 Oct 1994, Gabrielle Giattino wrote:

> Being that I am not from cananda,(i'm from nyc)I am not as well versed as
> some of you are in canadian culture.  So, I have question.  Who is this
> Laura Borealis?  I have deduced that she has written at least 2
> books(median strip and dames  dames) and is a photographer (or at least has
> a camera and uses it).
>         Also, if anyone knows how I can get a hold of any sloan videos, I'd
> be greatful.
>         thanks,
>                 Gabrielle
> <ggiattin\!/haverford.edu>