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Re: 2 trivial things

Rob Page <rgpage\!/undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca> asked:

}First of all...the last time I saw sloan's original video for 
}_Underwhelmed_ I was watching the faces in the spin the bottle 
}circle...correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Rob Benvie from Thrush 
}Hermit among them?

All of Thrush Hermit were in there, with 4 girls who either were their 
girlfriends at the time or were masquerading as such for the unlucky 
single members.  Mike Catano was there, he'll tell ya more.

}Second...last season or two season's ago on street cents there was a band 
}that closed the show...I had only seen thrush hermit once at that point 
}but it looked like them to me...I could be wrong again...

Right again, 2 yrs ago.  They were replaced the next season by Hip Club 
Groove.  Dunno about this year.

"Where does my money go??"--TH Street Cents Theme.

}Did I mention I have a rosebody?

No, what is a rosebody?  A rosewood guitar??

}"Raise your credit cards in the air...swing your nachos like you just don't
}care...this is the slow, sick sucking part of me...this is the slow, sick 
}sucking part of me...and I'll be sucking kisses...now...now...now..."
}-Pavement, _unfair_