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true stories of punk rock violence...

hey there...

so day two of the popfest (saturday for those of you not on my shedule) whent
something like this...after the insanityy of the night before saturday was even
more hectic...

	im woken up at 10 in the morning (having gone to bed at about 4 the
night before this was not appreciated) by this guy ryan from boston (see
popfest results so far...) anyhow ryans staying with mary lou lord and theyve
basically used up their hotel reservation so he comes over to my house...anyway
i got a chance to check out his new tape ..tripili is his project..mighty weird
neat low fi four track stuff...so anyway me and ryan head over to mikes to
finish (start?) dubbing the tapes for the indy schmooze fest ...last minute
changes had to be made to the packeag...such as the guest vocals by amanda from
those rockin gals plumtree..which she had done right before we got
there...anyway its around 2 when me mark and andy go and get the stuff
photocopied..and begin the frantic wait fer drag city...we head back to mike to
stick the labels on the tapes and finish dubbing ..at five to five we dash off
to thee symposium...luckily it ran past five...i got in by pretending to be the
drummer from the state chAmps..sly eh?...anyhow did the schmooze thang..had
supper with the boston rock record label scene (most surreal) head to mikes to
dub a copy to give to pest and then me and marc blasted off to see the scarce
	missed treble charger...did they only play fer like 20 minutes or
	thrush hermit..ok ..seen em a million times..no biggy..they played alot
ogf mike era songs though ..cool..

	scarce...so  beyond incredible it was unbelievable...i was pretty much
set on blonde redhead bein the thing of the festival but now im not so
sure...man they were good..wow...joyce is a goddess...

anyhow i went to the all ages show fer two reasons ...one because i like many
others didnt want to see bob wiseman...hed been a wise man to have not
played...and 2 because of the hassle i had over gettin in the night before ...
because i dont have a liqour id i was not goin to be allowed into the show
...they turned back lots o guys ...but then i appealled for help from the
almighty...peter rowan...he argued with the bouncer...such classic rock star
lines as "he's played here before ...ill vouch fer his age man" were uttered
when the bouncer just waved me on...anyhow it was stressful...

so anyway we went back to mikes show at ckdu where he was in the process of
interviewing the ever friendlty pest...i was really pissed for having missed
them...anyhow we then went to bed while mike and ryan hung at the station...

so the next day begins with trying to figure out wether mike dubbed the rest of
the damn rally sport tapes ...marc comes and picks me up and off we head to the
symposium...i had to pay this time bah...anyway we were totally shittin that
mike wouldnt have dubbed the tapes but my man came threw...good work...so we
schmoozed and schmoozed..drag city were there finally and we hacked his ear off
fer a mighty long time...anyhow we unloaded all 14 copies we had dubbed
...pretty wild stuff...went to lunch with john bondhead..beanhead..watever..of
pest fame..hes easily the nicest person on the earth...caught some bands ...all
pretty shitty...suckerpunch were almost ok...

so anyway bade a sad farwell to ryan of boston and john of pest..and we went to
the brunswick with marc and nina fer the state champs soundcheck...which me and
mike ended up filling in for..wacky...then it was off to my pad fer donairs and
then to yet another night of rock rock rock...
	got in fer free with the ole connections...hehehehe....

i was recked but psyched none the less...

	state champs..what can i say marc and andy are the men (and their in
our band) to watch...anyway they indy rocked to an actually almost into it
crowd...i even saw a mosh start up fer west coast secret..ridiculous...
	trike...whoah dull...they rock with all their members but not as a
three piece...they shoulda played first if at all...
	superfriends...can you say ouch...their insane popy rangly ness ,
harminies and over all high end sound was distorting the pa and killing my
ears...the most painful band of the fest...not to my liking really...
	stinkin rich..hes the man..unfortunatly he had to merge his what would
have been incredible set with hip clubs (like i said adios trike), anyway i
think he stole the show with his beyond wack intensity..wow totally messed up
stuff..hip club rocked too..and stinkins cameo and rocks were incredible...dj
elton john was an added touch...wicked ...
	ok the whole thing boiled down to the power of erics trip..i was nearly
unconscious..but ready...

	unfortunatly they didnt sound nearly as crisp and heavy as they did
when we (essen) played with them a few months back...ythis is easily explained
duee to the fact that they had crappy borrowed peavy cabs and not their
own..like i said a long time ago borrowed gear can ruin a band...guess they
didnt want to  lug their shit all the way here...anyway they were
good..muddy...not half as super heavy as they were last time..kindsa 
dissapointing...but they delivered some great tunes...and chris actually got
into it a bit acting quite manic at times and unleashing some super cool wah
blasts...not the best ive ever seen them play though...

anyhow what a n incredibly exhausting weekend..of whicjh i would have to say
the highlight was finally seeing the elusive james r covey...hehehe i even
talked to him..but i dont think he realised who i was...

Anyway continue the rockin...ive had einuff to last a long while right now i
must slleep...


go see stinkin rich
one inch punch
holden wheelin 
grace babies
and yers truely rally sport

were gonna be messed since andy (state champion) is away...but me and marc and
mike promise to indy rock it up...



 fxy dt to 
n  obeen