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Re: The Bad Brains (was Re: Indie?)

}My friend saw Bad Brains in Boston a few years back w/ chuck mosley, and 
}he said it was awful.  

Well, I dunno how he'd sound doing reggae, but I thought he'd be ok with 
the more punk stuff.  I just would like to know what he's up to now, if 
he's in another band or what.

I was never a big fan of his work with FNM, so I 
}don't find it that hard to believe.  

I like Mike Patton, but I find that FNM now centers more around his vocal 
style than the musicians.  Not to mention that they're getting wierder, 
like Mr. Bungle.  The old stuff was more funky and more spiritual, and I 
liked that.

}Where Living COlour used to be a sad parody 
}of Bad Brains (nonetheless,, I own all of their albums...) it has 
}degenerated into Bad Brains being a sad parody f Living COlour.  

I really liked Living Colour at first, lyrically as well as musically, but 
the novelty wore off.  Now they seem to be repeating themselves.

}I miss H.R. (except for all that racist homophobia, gay-bashing, crap).

Yeah, just cause you like a guy's music doesn't mean you agree with him 
philosophically (dig!-dig! :)

So, 'sup with Matt "Flash" Kelly being an "ex-member of Essen"?  Who's in 
your band anyway?

If I find the time, I'll post a HPE review, but I gots work to do.  
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