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popfest results....so far..

hey there everyone....

im about all indy rocked out here...ugh...man oh man...our story starts at 3pm
on fri afternoon...where yours truely skipps the last half of his class in
order to run over to mikes house and mix our tape...turns out mike and the gang
ran into this cool guy from boston who came up with mary lou lord..anyway we
finished the vocals on a few songs ..with help from ryan from boston...anyway
this took us to around 7 when mike had to go to the all ages sunnyday real
estate  show...so anyway me and andy went on the frantic search for the
cheapest balnk tapes money can buy...we got em too..and sonys none the
less....so anyhwo me and andy jet back to my place have some kraft dinner and
start working on thew album covers...we realise its 10:20 so we jet to the bar
show of sunny day ...results:
	tristan psionic...most disspointing..i was totally looking forard to
these guys but ugh they were mighty formula...i guess it wasnt really them but
thius insane bass idiot who was filling in i think...we think hes the guy from
the satanatras...but anyhow he just looked and acted like a complete
ass..classic quotes by him "i woke up this morning with some guy doin lines off
my dick" disgusting...anyhow their singer/guitarist was thurston moore...same
hair, loos and gear..scary stuff...

	blonde redhead : incredible...so beyond intense it was unbelievable
probably the best show ive seen in a long long time ..they were
unbelievable..and not half as sonic youthy as id heard...

ok so then me and mark and andy ( the other band guys) jet off durring thrush
hermit to finish the album covers ..we get back just in time to see the start
of sunny day...who were energetic but treated to a crowd of dancing drunk
idiots...at one point they were actually throwing beer on each other..one guy
in a pink floyd t shirt was quite amusing...anyhow they were good but blonde
redhead stole the show....

	so anyhow we then travelled to mikes (who was supposedly finishing the
mix) unfortunatly he wasnt hoem...ugh....the colour photocopier at jumbo video
was gone..so now weve got no tape and no copies ...aaahhhh!!! so we found mike
at the after hours pest show but he didnt have the tape done so it was off to
bed for us...

stay tunned for day 2 of pop explosion insanity.,...