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Saturday's show

Just to back up what's already been said about the show tonight at the 
Brunswick Hall:

Local Rabbits...Not bad at all; young, lotsa cool grooves.

Hardship Post...They were hot...for all seven songs.

Bruce McCullough...He's a funny, funny guy.  Has a good sense of humour too.

Bobby Wiseman...Ever see a show where you wish you had one of those canes 
like in the old vaudeville acts, for pulling goofs off stage?  And this 
guy replaced Rodan?!?!?  Don't quit your day job Bob.

Scarce...Wow, kinda blew my mind.  The new drummer Chris (1 week!) rocks 
my world; Joyce was beautiful; Chick's eyes glowed; Bowie was a nice touch; 
Red is gonna go platinum, or should; life was good.

Overall, it was more than worth the $10 cover, which most shows sadly 
aren't nowadays.  If you had a chance to go, and didn't, you missed out big 
time.  The only thing I would like to know is why HP had a 35 minute set, 
and Wiseman had (what seemed like at least) over an hour.  Somebody's 
priorities (and musical tastes) are WAY out of synch.  Or perhaps someone 
is booking based on past musical associations?  Shades of Bubaiskull 
splinter groups.  But enough of politics; the music was fine, and that's 
all that counts.