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Saturday night at the Pop Explosion

This was an incredible show, I think I saw one of the best performances of 
my life, I'll get into it in a bit. 
Again the show went really late, I'm just getting back, it's 3:20.  I guess 
if their going to have all ages gigs of about the same length, it's going 
to push the over 19 gigs later.  It's fair enough, but the crowd in general 
get a bit to tired to really get into the band, I just want to know when I 
should expect not to worry about I.D.

Here's the lineup,

Local Rabbits - I guess they were really good, but I missed them, yeeech!

Hardship Post - They did a great set, their rock rocked and their quiet was 
actually done well.  They're really becoming a diverse band, I think this 
is the third stage of development for these guys.  My only complaint, as 
always, is that they played to short a set.

Bruce McCullough(sp?) - Ok

Bob Wiseman - too long, way too long

Scarce - Scarce are the best band anywhere, they were solid, they 
completely blew the place apart.  They're new drummer is so good.  They 
kicked the set off with Scorpion Tray and ended it with Hope,  everything 
in between was brilliant.  Joyce made some comment about it being a bad day,
and that the crowd was making it a better one, the crowed was completely 
into it, and Scarce fed of off it(also used it to introduce Days Like 
This).  They covered Ashes to Ashes(Bowie) and they did everything off 
of the Red E.P.(which everyone should buy), and a couple old ones that 
James recognized from a demo they sent to CKDU for when they played last 
year's explosion.  They'll be leaving for Europe sometime in the following 
week, I guess the Dino. Jr. tour is still on for them, what did they do, 
cancel a couple gigs so they could do the explosion?  If so, they score way 
up there on the "bands who keep dates" meter, and whatever other kind of 
meter that measures good things.:)
I'm just awstruck by this band, I can hardly wait for their LP to come 
out, it's going to be great.

gottagotobed, Jim