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pop explosion night #1

plum tree rocked my world, best set they've ever done,
can't wait for the _flutterboard_ cassette.

rebecca west is like if allison outhit sang/played
lead for hardship post.   that's the closest comparison
i can think of.  

al tuck was nervous but still his laid-back self.
i've seen him do better, and i also wish that 
phil sedore had been there to do lead guitar.
it was "al tuck and even less action".

jale were the best i've ever seen them -- a *lot* more
confident, taking the u.k. by storm will work every time.

spinanes were excellent once rebecca's guitar got 
unfucked.  but it was *way* too late and everyone was
*way* too tired after 2 in the morning (which is when
the aforementioned unfucking took place, about 15 mins
after they hit the stage).  i wish they had got on at
least by 1 a.m.  i have a feeling i have yet to see
the best that the spinanes have to offer.  there were
only two songs that i didn't recognize, which doesn't
surprise me 'cause speaking for myself _manos_ is an
album which still holds up months later.