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wed night review

two people read some stuff - it was interesting and not pretentious, funny

plumtree were great. tape out soon i guess. stinkin' rich did a guest
appearance  :)

rebecca west - allison outhit (formerly of great bubaiskull slave) seems
               to have found her niche. she rocked. really...and she forced
               everyone to stand up which was good.

al tuck - does anything need to be written?

jale - good set...eve now has an acoustic and some of their songs sound
       much MUCH better with it (+ slide). noteably 'River'. they played
       some new songs which were as good as their best 'old' stuff.

spinanes - not particularily my cup o' tea, but they were well received
           even though her guitar "sounded like shit"  :)  i don't know 
           their stuff at all, except for one song, so maybe their set was
           brilliant. james?

the show ended at 2:30 +

mike "i was into nirvana when they were playing at birthday parties. SO THERE"
    graham."I'm talkin' WAY before Bleach man. all of you are posers"

(note - that was a sarcastic joke)