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Re: sloan are hungry for stink...

On Tue, 27 Sep 1994, Jonathan Dacey wrote:

> anyhow onto bigger and better topics..namely tower of long....that ezine fwd
> thang...whats up with all the q's everywhere..maybe it was a nonproffread copy
> (hehehe like my posts)....actually they were capitol Q's

I'll take credit for the Q's; they were originally dashes that didn't 
come out that way when I FTP'd the articles to Mike. I expect Mike will 
be editing the text before the 'zine actually gets distributed. As he 
said, all you lucky Sloannetters got a preview...

> anyhow one other thing i liked the heartfelt tribute to sloans twice removed
> ..only for its hocky innocence  anyone who'd never heard of nirvanna before
> nevermind certainly looses some serious indy cred...i guess that made the
> review seem kinda dinky...i mean come on here's a person who's really missed
> out on some seriously good stuff..i assume anyhow, cause they assume slaon is
> the savior of modern music or something to thateffect..ugh...

A couple of points for you: 

First of all, I don't really think "indy cred" (as defined by you) is
really necessary for a review of Sloan. I mean, really, is Sloan an "indy" 
band? Not even close. They are a POP band, and that is what I was trying 
to get across in the preview article. In case you missed it Sloan is on 
Geffen which sort of removes the band from the "indy" category. I used 
Toni Basil and Nirvana as examples (and that was supposed to be somewhat 
humourous) because they are also - like it or not - legendary POP 
artists. That is how Nirvana will be remembered. Don't kid yourself. 

Secondly, I'll freely admit that I've missed out on "some seriously good 
stuff." Hasn't everyone?? And is your definition of "seriously good 
stuff" the only one that exists?? Hardly. In fact I'll guarantee that our 
definitions don't mesh. Right now I don't have the time or the economic 
resources to stay on top of everything that is going on in music. When I 
was in high school and university, music was pretty much all I was 
interested in. Those were the days when Minor Threat were just starting 
out; when _Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables_ was only available on 
Cherry Red Records as an Italian import; when I had to mail-order Jam 
records from the UK. You might think that's all old and tired news, but 
those bands who are now considered essential and influential in music's 
history were virtually unknown at the time in Canada.    

And by the way....

I have multiple records from the following bands in my collection 
(and most are original pressings): 
Bad Brains, Dinosaur, Fugazi, Descendents (and how can anyone who sets 
himself up to be such an indy authority include a greatest hits package 
as essential??? get a grip...), Black Sabbath, and many others. I think 
you should also add in some D.O.A. and Black Flag to your list of 
essentials. Without D.O.A., where would we be in Canada???
Finally, Sloan are not the "saviours or music." Come on. That album is 
purely retro, but that is what I like about it. I find it amusing how 
everything including music is circular: straight blues passes for 
"alternative" music now. Sloan is doing nothing the Stones and the Jam 
didn't do, in slightly different ways, years earlier. But just because it 
isn't original doesn't mean it's no good. I think it is. Hence my article.

One final note: I also own the earliest records by Elvis (Presley, as 
well as Costello), Gil Scott-Heron, Ella, Hank Sr., Victims Family, 
Stevie Wonder, Hype, and Glenn Gould. 

The horror, the horror............