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sloan are hungry for stink...

hey hey 
who saw sloans surprise appearsance on the wedge yesterday? mucho funny stuff
as they pretended to be l7 the originally scheduled guests...anyhow if everyone
saw it i wont go on but if nobody did ill go on about what happened ok? (look
what curtosy ..thats a hard word to spell)

anyhow onto bigger and better topics..namely tower of long....that ezine fwd
thang...whats up with all the q's everywhere..maybe it was a nonproffread copy
(hehehe like my posts)....actually they were capitol Q's

anyhow another thing...i cant read zines wherein people dont seem to know what
they're talkin about..i have no problem with people voicing there opions and
such but facts shoiuld be kept correct..i just skimmed the thing but hey i did
notice that under the glowing gordon st haunting review that marc was stated as
being the guitarist...ouch nice one....

anyhow one other thing i liked the heartfelt tribute to sloans twice removed
..only for its hocky innocence  anyone who'd never heard of nirvanna before
nevermind certainly looses some serious indy cred...i guess that made the
review seem kinda dinky...i mean come on here's a person who's really missed
out on some seriously good stuff..i assume anyhow, cause they assume slaon is
the savior of modern music or something to thateffect..ugh...

anyhow heres a listn of  important   shit that one cannot and should not live
without....many can be viewed as "blank cassetes" in the way your copy of
nevermind was ..ie the band has since become a big deal or something to that

any how here we go :top ten obscure or classic albums that people should kill
and maim for...

	superchunk _no pocky for kitty_ the original classic album of the much
imitated but never matched superchunk hardcore power....
        Fugazi _repeater_ as mike said this is the album all humans should kill
their parents if necessary to own...the god of recorded indy punk power....ps
mike listens to their first one too..dont think hes some fugazi posseur....
	clockhammer _klinefelter_ i think im the only human who owns this
album, let alone the only person who worships this band....even mike hates
em...but i get off on their seemless blend of indy jazz power...can you say lo
fi prog? only alot better..lo fi mahavishnu orchestra maybe...amazing stuff
..ill harken to say the album of 1991...
	ps they broke up rite after...
 ok i think at this point i should mention that these are in no real special
order..i mean obviously the chunk and fugazi are moree wicked than
clockhammer....anyhow number ten shall be the greatest album though...
	bad brains _live_ i bought this classic way back when i was in grade
eight..pure rasta punk intensity...captured at their raging best...
	sonic youth _sister_ the original and still best gelling of the sonic
youth indy guitar structure dream...perfect punk avante guard blending...
	Descendents _somery_ ok all is their best album but this greatest hits
thang is too slammin...man the original raging punkin poppin gods..and straight
edge too...good clean fun :)
	mahavishnu orchestra -the inner mounting flame_ two words john
maclauglin...actually two more jazz fushion....shred shred shred..sand more
	dinosaur *tie* your living all over me is simply the greatest dinosaur
album but green mind is definatly the best thing j's done...mmm guitar
wank..indy rock...noise...
	green mind  
	my bloody valentine _loveless_ wow alan moulder...wall of sound...mm
enya on crack...
	and finally the greatest album of all time ..next to repeater...and
remember this scale doesnt really mean greatness more it means ive loved this
album longer than basically everything i own...
	back sabbath _vol 4_ ozzy , tony, geezer, bil ward!!! come on
supernaught..wheels of confusion...the heaviest album ever recorded (until the
new slayer comes out)...tony is sick...his tone could kill people..actually it
probably has...without sabbath their would be no music worth listening
to...case closed...


jonathan "wish i was tony's love child " dacey

 hlfjoestra	w
b vn dem