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Re: Sloan, Pepsi and Eric's Trip

My god, Mark Gaudet is so blunted it is ridiculous.

Funny M. Gaudet story fer y'all - 
AT the the Double Deuce a few years back I was standing around after a 
show talking with Chris Murphy and Mark Gaudet.  They were talking about 
Mark's incredible puink rock roots (he was there when DC happened), and 
about all of the records that Mark has - it's absoloutely incredible, you 
name it, he has it in all available formats - and the subject of movies 
came up.  Mark talked about all of these punk shows he had bootlegged, 
and Chris talked about weird seventies stuff.  As a result they came 
to one of those heat of the moment conclusions that they should have a music 
movie fest.  Here is a smidgen of that conversation:

	"Wow! That will be great!" Chris said in a fevered pitch, his 
glasses sliding seductively down the sweat-drenched bridge of his nose, 
"I'm sooo excited to see all of that stuff you talked about!"
	Before he replied, Mark adjusted himself against the barstool 
that was bearing the brunt of his weight. "Yeah," he said softly, in that 
hushed tone that drove the girls wild, "and when it's all over with, we 
can break out the hardcore stuff!" Mark's face was alight with a boyish 
enthusiasm that was uncharacteristic of this seasoned warrior. He 
hiccuped and took another drag off of his cigarette.
	"Hardcore?" Chris was curious now. Ppuzzled, but entranced, "You 
mean like Minor Threat?" Chris convinced himself that this was true, and 
in this, he was content.
	"No...I mean...HARDcore!" Mark emphasized what he meant with 
appropriate grunts, facial contortions, and hand gestures, "You know what 
I mean?" he slurred excitedly.
	Chris was shocked.  Stunned.  
	"Ummm....I don't think my mom would like that too much."
	In an instant, he was gone.

Mike "English 1000.06R" Catano

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