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Re: who are these bands?

>who are they and where are they from? :

>Blonde Red Head

i think that they are two canadian brothers + two japanese women.
they sound a *lot* like sonic youth so it is unsurprising that
they are the pet band of steve shelley's "smells like" records.


chris + tim from bubaiskull and patrick dooley on drums.

>Treble Charger

the ontario band formerly known as NC17 who have played
with sebadoh, redd kross, eric's trip, tristan psionic,
dead milkmen, hardship post, hHead, and tripping daisy,
which may or may not give you an idea of where they
typically get slotted.  i don't know much about them,
i tried to play them on my show but the CD kept skipping.


no f***ing clue.  from ontario?

>Thee Suddens

a new moncton band that claim as influences
'60s garage, '70s punk, and '80s hardcore.
four guys.


from fredericton, no idea.


three guys, two in high school, one \!/ uccb
from sydney, claim as influences
sebadoh, pavement, black flag, husker du,
eric's trip and sloan.

>Rebecca West

allison from bubaiskul on guitar/vox
plus her brother stephen on bass and
dale hussey from merge on drums.


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