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Re: OK Here i go...

> Date: Fri, 23 Sep 1994 22:00:54 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Joyce Linehan <jlinehan\!/netcom.com>
> Subject: Re: ok, here i go...

> So stop bellyaching and plan your own festival.  I'm reading through the 
> How To Plan a Festival handbook and it doesn't say anything about having 
> to take a vote before you choose the bands that play your  festival.

> Joyce

Hear, hear. You can only help so many bands when you put off a festival. If
it were me, I'd choose my favourite bands too. Hey, I thought I was pretty
good friends with Peter and Angie and POTMASTER didn't get invited. But I
don't think we'd fall under the POP category anyways, maybe under the 
EXPLOSION category though. YEAH, i kinda like that Potmaster, masters of
EXPLOSION ROCK. We'll have to get a wicked pyro show.
Anyways Mike, you should start an outlaw festival with all the bands you've
mentioned plus every other band that has not been invited to the festival
and then hold it at the DEUCE. How punk! How DIY! No even better do a FREE, 
ALL AGES, breath smelling at the door (optional), mind bogglingly over 
booked, mammoth rock festival of EXPLOSION ROCK BANDS and don't forget to
invite me. :)
Peace, HUB. 

On Sat, 24 Sep 1994, Michael Damian Catano wrote:

> Alright. That does it.  I can't take this anymore.  I heard a rumour that 
> the Tim Robbins Experience is playing at the Pop Explosion, and I just 
> about went wiggy.  What thfuck is up with all of these bands of 
> Murderecords buddybuddies that are getting gigs at the pop explosion?  I 
> am getting really mad.  Rebecca West, Coyote, Tim Robbins, etc., are all 
> fine bands, but it seems that they have gotten the shows out of the fact 
> that they are "down with the scene" moreso than the fact that they are 
> any good!  R. West have played ONE SHOW.  Coyote don't even have a guitar 
> player yet.  Tim Robbins are a JOKE.  Here is a list of some bands that 
> have been left off of the roster (rather conspicuously):\
> -Madhat - the best damn all-ages band in the region.  They have so many 
> fans who are incredibly dedicated and have been slugging away for years.  
> They deserve the chance to get the recognition more than anyone.
> -Resin - they play every weekend.  They tour NS every day of the year.  
> They are insanely good and have been around for ever.  They are also a 
> tremendous all-ages draw.
> -DPR - crazy punk rockers.  The kids love 'em.  Never have I seen a band 
> with more control over a crowd.
> -Deepwoods - they fuckin' rock. 'Nuff said.
> -Spine - Much as I hate to admit it, there are a LOT of people who like 
> this band.  Tonnes.  They sdhould have a gig.
> There are lots more that I forget now, so I apologise to them all, but I 
> am very sick *cough*cough*.
> Mike
> ps - I had a good chat with CHris Trowbridge and Lukas Pearse (CKDU 
> types) about the festival and they had lots of interesting things to 
> say.  More later.
> pps - Sloan thank the Lemonheads because Chris and Lemon Dando are really 
> good friends.  That's it.