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re: Sloan: penpals lyrics

>In article <giUNxXy00iVDI3MKQi\!/andrew.cmu.edu> Michael Hamilton Walker,
>mw5e+\!/andrew.cmu.edu writes:
>>I heard from a friend of mine that supposedly the lyrics for the Penpals
>>all came from fan letters written to Kurt Cobain.
>I'd heard that they were letters written by fans of Sonic Youth...I
>think I have Sloan's comments on the matter - I'll look it up.

And....since I'm actually here, I'll followup to myself. Here's
the sloan comment I was looking for:

"Pen Pals": "We stole two fan letters written to another band
and wrote the song as if the two fans were writing to each
other. Their names? That would be bad taste to say." -Murphy