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Re: drink dont think

As an aging college rocker who prefers a good Scotch to awful yellow 
beers, I agree with those of your choices I either know or can compare to 
something else.  Tsing Tao and Corona are the only yellow beers worth 
drinking.  Stick to stouts, MacEwan's Scotch Ale, or when in Halifax, 
drink the homebrews at the Granite Brewery or, if you need to buy a 
bottle, make it a Clancy's.

Yes, always buy local beer.  Even if the local brewery closed and the 
local beer now comes from Saint John, NB.  Or else buy imports (read: 
neither Canadian nor American)

But always remember to pay attention to the bands, and don't drink and 

P.S. I could quote Chaucer, but it would be the Miller's Tale, and there 
are underage people here :)

I'll instead quote Monty Python:
"Your American beer is sort of like making love in a canoe...
It's fucking close to water!"

Is your name not Mike?                    RODENHISER\!/CHEM1.CHEM.DAL.CA
No, it's Andrew.                 Andrew P. Rodenhiser, Ph.D. Candidate
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}Oh, a delightful subject, drinking this be (a quote from Chaucer, if I 
}knew any, would be apropos).  Favorite beers:
}Henry's (the perfect combination of quality and price)
}Fishtail Stout (Oly's finest)
}Pilsner Urquell
}Tsing Tao
}Always buy local beers.  Down with the man.