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Re: Sloan, what else.

On Thu, 22 Sep 1994, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

> }like a bunch of GEEKS! Thanks dad! If anyone is in the Guelph area, SLoan 
> }is playing at PCH next Thursday. 
> }                Rebecca
> In that case, write an anonymous "Hi" to Craig MacKinnon 
> (cmackinn\!/uoguelph.ca) and inform him that as a proud Haligonian he damn 
> well better see this show.  It'll confuse the hell out of him, assuming 
> that you're a total stranger.
> And if that doesn't work, you can mention that I asked you to do it :)
> --

 Okay it's done and if he doesn't respond in a few days I'll let him know 
that it was really your devious mind plotting against him.
bye, reb