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Re: why fugazi are great and why beer is bad :)

So, Mike, what you're saying is that underage kids can't behave themselves 
of their own volition, they need a beefy bouncer to keep order?  
I thought this was Canada, not Haiti :)

Seriously, I've been to some great underage gigs: the envirogigs at St 
Pats or anything that happens in the Green Room are must sees.  I've also 
been to some OldDeuce shows where the cooler-than-thou college rockers pay 
more attention to their beer than to the band, which as far as I'm 
concerned they can do at Scoundrels and make room for folks who want to 
see the show.  I like underage gigs because the kids are generally much 
more interested in having a good time and a good pit, whereas the college 
rockers if they do mosh will be the serious punks who like to get bruised 
out there.  I much prefer pits where 14 year old girls aren't afraid to 
join in.  There's this one kid who can't be much more than 10 who I've 
surfed at several gigs in the past 2 or three years, and he always has a 
blast.  And so do I.

FYI, I'm a 25-year-old college rocker who pays more attention to the band 
than to his beer.

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