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Sloan, what else.

Just thought I'd inform some of the Ontario subscribers that 
Sloan will be at HMV on Yonge St. in Toronto performing...and
stuff on Thursday at 6pm.  
Also, they will be on CFNY's "Live in TO" show this week (perhaps
Friday?).  It is at 6pm.  This will be broadcast from the Bloor
and Bathurst Studio.
Also, I have heard they will be on Much Music sometime - I don't
have any details...

Their TO is sold out (or at least that's what I was told when I went
to purchase tix).  They are playing the Opera House.  I guess my only
chance to see them play is at HMV...

Also, has anyone seen the latest NETWORK mag?  I was down at Sam's 
today and picked one up...  It has a cover photo of Sloan, and a
three page article on them.  Also, there is a section on SLOAN NET!
It even gives James' e-mail address (so don't be surprised if you
are swamped with e-mails).  They also ask the band what they thing
of SloanNet.  CHECK IT OUT!!!



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