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_hot, handsome, and a honey to handle_

review:  SPINE _hot, handsome, and a honey to handle_ 
8-song cassette, independent release

i think i'll just try to describe the thing for you
track-by-track, since not many of you will have heard
this band.

(david -- bass/vox
 jason -- guitar, 
 trevor -- drums)

the rape seed:  starts off with some cool guitar
distortion-doodling and smooths out into a melodic,
repetitive bassline with wicked guitar over top.
lyrically the song takes the rapist point of view
in the verses and then comments on him in the 
chorus ("walks around thinkin' he's done nothing
wrong").  is this too subtle, will people who
pay attention to lyrics figure this out?  i hope
so -- david is definitely not the sexist pig type.
it doesn't come across as excessively preachy 
because the lyrics are interesting and original.
david's vocals get really intense on the last

feels like sorry:  i think it sounds like nirvana,
scott thinks it sounds like soundgarden.  it's 
not any kind of a cheap knock-off or anything, it's
a really excellent song with that cobain-patented
strum-the-verses and pedal-stomp-the-chorus 
structure.  it rocks live, but then again, so do
all of their songs.

my garden:  this is where the steve albini and
jesus lizard influences come to the forefront.
it's a song that david seems to use to test the
limits both of his bass and his voice.  "It will
be... BEAUTIFUL" he shouts at the beginning, and
the irony just seethes.  wait 'til you see him
stomping around with his bass on this one.

manic dignity:  this is the one where the band
just plays as fast as it can.  some helmet 
influence shows up here.  wicked wicked groove
and a tune that lodges in your head and won't
come out.

voiceless:  smashingpumpkinsesque ballad that
starts off with low-chord-strumming and then
explodes with trevor's has-to-be-heard amazing
drum crescendo.  a really good melody with
excellent lyrics, one of the best tracks for
hearing david's voice, which has been mixed
rather low on some other tracks.

meanwhile:  maybe their best song, some helmet
influence again here.  it starts off with some
really neat bass-bending and is probably their
most addictive tune.  this recording of the
tune uses some vocal distortion to good effect.

hatebuster: "america, the child king, suck your
thumb while you cuddle your gun..."  david told
me that he wonders if the rapid-fire rhyming
in the middle of this song is just adolescent.
i tell him that the irony comes across though.
jim and mike can tell you if i'm right.

100 failures:  david used to be in sawtooth, 
this song was written for that band and does
sound like a sawtooth song.  it uses
nonstandard guitar chords and has a really
wicked bass-stomp-breakdown.  last night they
said they avoid performing it 'cause they
never get it quite right.  but they braved it
during their encore.

i told david last night that i was going to
review the tape for sloan net, and asked him
how much he was going to sell it for.  he
said he's selling it for $6, which is cost.
so if you're gonna order it, make sure you
include a little extra for postage.  it's
an excellent bargain, believe me.  i think
jim gave the address but just to repeat it,
it's 2500 Poplar St., Halifax NS B3L 2Y8.


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