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Spine tape release - Sept. 10 at the khyber

    This band was fabulouse, they were so tight, where did they come from?  
I was talking with the lead singer after their set, he said that they've 
been together since the end of the summer, but I think he was talking about 
the present form of the band, they have a new drummer and the bass player 
use to play guitar(i think i got that straight).  Their last song was so 
good, the bass player came down of the stage and sat down in the middle of 
7 or 8 moshing guys, it was great!

     They were so tight, in the best form I've seen, they performed 
everything of the tape, including 2 new ones which were great.  I don't 
know the title of the first new one, but the second one is called Going, 
Going, Gone.  David did this one acoustically at a gig at the Deuce once, 
they've arranged into a full blown Spine song.  

Here is a list (not in order of performance):

My Garden (this is the one they opened up with)
The Rape Seed (weeeeeeeeewaaaaaaaaaaaaawooooooooooooo)
Meanwhile (my favourite bass bender)
Feels like sorry
Manic Dignity
100 Failures
(some great new song)
Going Going Gone
bits of various rush songs
staying alive

Unfortunately for them, this gig was not well attended, somewhere in the 
vacinity of 30 people were their, and that may be liberal.  But I think 
that might have worked to their favour, because they were really 
comfortable on stage, completely at ease.  David did his big stadium 
rocky shtick and Jason was even joking around, he never does that.  Trevor 
climbed all over his drum kit, and the band as a whole were harassed for 
the second half of their set by an over eager photographer with a fish-eye 
lens(so says mike graham).  These guys really should be playing the Pop 

Anyway, the ratio of talent to audience at this gig was really high, I 
almost feel guilty, but no quite.  I guess the show wasn't advertised very 
well, because the band had just gotten back from Quebec on Thursday, so they
didn't have time to plaster Halifax with posters.  Oh well, intimate and 
interactive with Spine.  These guys really should be playing the Pop 

If you want a copy of the tape, the address is 2500 Poplar St., Halifax, 
N.S., B3L 2Y8.  They were charging $6.00 for it at the door, I don't know 
if they would want a little extra for postage.  You *should* get this tape, 
it's really great.  These guys really should be playing the Pop Explosion.


oh by the way, these guys really should be playing the Pop Explosion.