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Re: Hush/Spine gig + Pop Explosion.

Wow, there seems to be some sort of inverse law in effect wrt talent and
audience size.

Spine played one of their best gigs last night to a "crowd" of about 30
people. Maybe no one saw posters which were put up at the last minute...oh
well...it made for a more relaxed/fun gig. It was good fun to shout out 
tunes for their encore...they did a truly hideous 30 second version of
Spirit of the Radio  :) 

Hush opened and I guess that they have been playing the Cofe Ole a lot,
which means that this was the first time that I saw them. _great_ band.
Lots of potential here. Good use of feedback.


Question: Why the hell aren't Spine playing at the Pop Explosion?

Is there a halifax "blacklist"?

As far as _heavy_ , _over-the-top_ bands go in Halifax, Spine takes the 

Maybe they need to improve their schmoozing/kiss-ass abilities in this 
town to get a gig. I really don't know, but looking over the list of 
bands who are playing the P.E. II it just makes you wonder....

mike g.