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sebadoh plea/another sloan slag

I know this isn't list-related at all but I was just wondering since there 
seem(ed) to be so many people talking about sebadoh a few days ago...would 
anyone else be interested in going to the burlington,nh show(sept 18th at 
the 400 seat club toast) or montreal (sept 19...still looking for extra 
tickets to that one)...this is sort of a semi-spur-of-the-moment thing (was 
thinking of driving to montreal for the weekend)...I know lou played in hfx 
last yr & everyone saw him but I'd kinda like to hear the angry versions 

  Speaking of sloan slags how bout this (fr the coast, apologies to 
haligonians who've already seen it):
 "Mostly, sloan just reminds me of a whining friend I have who is 
constantly bitching & moaning about her life I will eventually have to tell 
her to shut up & she'll hate me. At least I can just turn sloan off."
Ouch. The writer also compares them to the now (sadly?) defunct NKOTB...
I'd like to hear patrick's reply to THAT one :)................kat

  "...i like to hit....."    - j.g.