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DGC rarities provokes sloan slag

Betsy writes:

>	Since we have had such violent opposition to the concept of 
>covering another band's music, I am afraid to ask this, BUT...
>Has anyone else listened to the Eric's Trip covers that Sloan does on the 
>CD DGC Rarities (I am tempted to tell you all to buy it ASAP to add some 
>more initials to this sentence)?  Having no opposition to an occasional 
>cover, I found it delightful.
>But what do I know?

i don't know, betsy, let's ask dave thompson, who wrote a review 
in the october 94 issue of _alternative press_ (the one with 
velocity girl half-naked on the cover).  and i quote:

	There seems to be some dispute here -- like, what exactly
	*is* a rarity?  Is it -- one: something that not many
	people *have*?  Or, two: something that not many people
	*want*?  Geffen's been releasing records for fifteen years
	now -- a *real* rarities collection, from Neil to Nirvana,
	and John (Lennon, not St. Johnny) would be a killer.
		Instead, what do we get?  A shop window of out-takes
	and oddities which lures you in with a rudimentary *Nevermind*
	demo and an old (but shimmering) Sundays' b-side, but is 
	otherwise weighed down with...Weezer...Beck...Cell...Sloan...
	I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe that there is anything by
	Sloan that could rightfully be considered a rarity, unless 
	you consider the fact that *everything* by those luckless
	lunks is theoretically rare because nobody's yet bought any
	of it.  Ditto That Dog and Murray Attaway (who?).  And really,

oh well.  keep in mind this is the same reviewer that in the same
issue of _ap_ says that _tv eye_ by iggy pop "sounds like shit".

>P.S. James, you never fail to amuse me.

*adopts elvis accent*
"thank you, ma'am, thank you very much, thank you."


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