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Many things...

1) Betsy... Jude the Obscure?  Thomas Hardy was a bitter and sad man...
reviled by victorian britain... why Jude? :-)

2) Julie is having a kid.. the guy is from OTTAWA... they are supposed to
be getting married, so I hear... I also heard rumours that Tara might play
base for a while... I think Julie is going to be out of action for
a good long time...  I think ET might be in trouble.. at least in the
form that we know it...

3) Weeeeee vs woooooommmmm?  I love this thread, lets get more into 
ascii representation of feedback! :-)

4)  I agree with James (Yes!  Its true!  It had to happen some day!)  This
debate over Pop Explosion costs reminds me about when everyone complained
two summers ago about the $7.00 cover at the Hansons/Smugglers/Cub gig..
if we want to pay _small_town_ cover, we will keep seeing _small_town_
events only in this town... The Hanson's triple bill woulda been $14.00
in Vancouver or parts west of here... and the pop explosion is a big big
event... lots of A&R are coming, and alot of record industry types are 
interested in it from a professional point of view... (AMERICAN LABEL
MADNESS IN HFX, PART III!)  FYI Industry does not mean refer to most of
the bands or 'labels' or 'managers' in halifax... I wouldn't consider 
No Records the target of the $100 ticket.. we is too too small...

5)  A former vice president of Raw Energy Records is here in town going
to kings.... anyone have any good dirt on the Raw VP who is about mid
20s, blond, female... was introduced to her by Mary Kate Arnold of
"Sassy" and "Coast" fame, who is also going to King's J next year...

Thats all


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