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Re: tab

Mike Graham rallied to the support of mediocre musicians everywhere:

}I'd rather be alone in my room jamming to U2, or the Breeders, or whatever,
}than being on stage, playing something safe that I wouldn't screw up.

Not that one wouldn't screw up, but the crowd would be less likely to 
notice, or would think it was improvised rather than just hitting the 
wrong note in someone elses song.

}On a related note...what is with the huge stigma attached to a band playing 
}a cover for fun (locally)??

Good question.  I've seen several shows loaded with, or even exclusively 
covers, and they were great shows.

}Doesn't anyone want to hear jale play "My Boyfriend's Back"???  Maybe I am 
}just out of it, but I would think that they could actually have fun doing
}something like that. Don't any bands have a sense of humour? Well I guess
}that Sloan and Spine are exempt.

I think that would really emphasize the girl-band labelling, and while it 
would of course be done just to refute that, I worry that people wouldn't 
get the joke.

}I remember one time Chris Murphy was in the crowd when jale was playing
}and he yelled out for Underwhelmed  :)  They were almost going to do it!
}Laura had the F# going for about 3 seconds, but then they just stopped.

Or the time Sloan played Teen Spirit, but Chris changed most of the lyrics 
to simply "La la la la".  Very Sloan-like thing to do :)

Or Thrush Hermit playing Watchin' You with everyone on the wrong 
instrument (Cliff bass, Joel drums, Ian guitar, and Rob "singing", if you 
could call it that).  Or for that matter, playing Iron Man but singing 
Stayin' Alive!  Riotous!  And creative.  Playing covers doesn't have to 
limit your creativity. 

}Has anyone ever heard Primus go into Master of Puppets in the middle of a
}song?? It's hilarious!

No, but I'd love to.  Where'd you catch that?

}Remember when Bubaiskull did Unbelieveable by EMF? It was FUNNY. You know - 
}"ha ha" ....oh forget it.

I missed that one too, but I can imagine...