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Re: sloannet is always so ammusing :)

Essen Online Part 2 (Jonathan Dacey <SBAILLY\!/LINDEN.MSVU.CA>) ranted:

}wow i checked my mail today and what did i find but 25 msgs for a two day
}period just from sloannet!!

Welcome to the Information Sluicegate.

}the resonding answer to all these questions is who cares?
}i mean come on who would pass up sebadoh to see sloan!!? whats the problem
}here...sloan will play toronto again..they're canadian fer god sake...and
}besides its just sloan we're talking about...im sure sloan would pass up 
}seeing sloan to see sebadoh for god sake!!! but then again if you really 
}are having problems deciding who to se go see sloan cause the peole who 
}really like sebadoh arent gonna appreciate yah...

Having never heard Sebadoh, I guess I'd probably see Sloan, unless the 
people who really like Sebadoh convinced me that I'd really like them too.

}#2 yes obviously julie is pregnant...julie was obviously pregnent 6 weeks ago
}when i played with them at the brunswick hall...why is this such a surprise
}..if your all such et fans id assumed youd have gone and seen 
}that...anyway its also old news that her and rick broke up...

Please remind yourself that some readers aren't in this country or even on 
this continent, and even some of them like me who are right here in this 
city haven't seen julie in months and didn't know she was pregnant.  If 
she was so obviously pregnant at that show why didn't anyone who saw it 
mention that until now?  I think if I'd noticed I'd have told people.  Not 
because it's "a surprise" but because it's interesting to her fans.  And 
yes, it's old news that she and Rick broke up, in fact you could say that 
several of their recent songs tell that story.  I believe that this was 
mentioned in the original post as a clarification, not as a news item.

}#4 and this boggles me?!! sloan tab? i mean come on ...someone really wants t
}learn sloan songs that bad !!!! (yeah you should be able to figure them by e
}but why expend the effort) im sorry but learning songs by tab is pretty
}pathetic ...learning songs is pretty pathetic also...i wont even mention
}learning sloan songs...unless your gonna be in a sloan cover band why bother.
}sit down and write your own songs...thats all we need another sloan (one is
}fine dont get me wrong).

I'll repeat my disclaimer that i'm not a musician and then make a few more 
uneducated assumptions:

1) Learning other bands songs is not just useful for playing covers on 
open mike nights, but for learning about the structure of a particular 
genre of music.

2) Learning about how others play gives you a base on which to develop your 
own style.

I'm sure you never asked for a Hendrix guitar tab to learn how to play 
feedback, but at some point in your musical training you must have played 
"Three Blind Mice".

}ok anyhow ...now that everyone hates me ...

I'm still waiting for the musicians out there to start hating me...

}jonathan (really amazed at this whole sloan thing) dacey
}ps if i met sloan in an airport i dont think id care.... if you want to meet
}them that bad you should have gone to deep space 9 last week ...or better yet
}go to perks late at night..chris seems to live there....

Wait until Sony throws gobs of cash at you and releases Truckasaurus 
worldwide.  Maybe people will get excited about meeting you too.