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Re: FW: Sloan TAB & CRD

Sproull, James <jamess\!/gov.nb.ca> noted:

}> Would anyone out there happen to have Chords or Tab for ANY Sloan
}> tunes?
}> -Jake-
}     I don't want to seem rude or anything, but would Sloan songs be THAT 
}hard to figure out?  They only use three chords, you know...Now Triumph, 
}THERE was a band.  None of this maritime noise...

    Neither do I wish to seem rude, especially since I don't play an 
instrument, but can I make some uneducated assumptions:

1) People who can play by ear don't ask for tablature.

2) People who can't play more than three chords can't play by ear.

3) People who can't play more than three chords don't want tablature for 
songs with more than three chords.

All you musicians out there, please feel free to refute any of these 
statements.  I'm interested in whether or not I'm full of shit.

P.S. Triumph kicked ass (past tense).  Anybody else out there have a copy 
of the original rock & roll machine album (not the readily available one 
which is a compilation of their first two albums)?  I have it on vinyl and