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halifax pop explosion '94

(i reproduce here a fax from peter rowan)


We had so much fun last year that we've decided to
do it again.  Decent Management is pleased to present
the second Halifax POP Explosion: an international
music festival featuring some of the st from our 
region with some of the best from south of the 49th.
Last year we brought Redd Kross, Velocity Girl, Lou
Barlow, the Doughboys, Scarce and five other bands 
from Canada and the U.S. to play with local favorites
Eric's Trip, jale, Hardship Post, Thrush Hermit, and
ten others over five days in late September.

This year's festival will feature thirty-three bands
from Canada and the U.S. and is expected to bring 
between 4000 and 5000 performers, members of the music
industry and music fans into the Halifax area.  As with
last year's festival, the 1994 Halifax Pop Explosion
will be geared towards not only the bar crowd but to
the teenage populace as well by featuring both all-ages
and bar shows.  The venue for the festival will be the
newly-opened Brunswick Music Hall (capacity of 800-1000).

"Indie" Symposium & Bar

In addition to the festival shows, we'll be running our
first Halifax Pop Explosion "Indie" Symposium & Bar where
local, Canadian, and U.S. independent label reps will be
given a forum in which to field inquiries and display and
sell their label's product in a casual atmosphere at the
Khyber Cafe.  The Symposium will be held on Saturday and
Sunday afternoons and will incorporate over fifteen
independent record labels and displays of musician-oriented
services.  We will also be featuring live performances each
afternoon during the symposium.

The Line-Up

Wed 28th - Spinanes, jale, Al Tuck & No Action, Rebecca West
Thu 29th - Stereolab, Mary Lou Lord, Change of Heart, Zumpano, 
           Blonde Redhead, Merge, Strawberry
Fri 30th - Sunny Day Real Estate, Thrush Hermit, Horseshoes & Handgrenades,
           Treble Charger, Hardship Post, Monoxides
Sat 1st - Scarce, Hardship Post, Local Rabbits, Liz Band, Thrush Hermit
          Tristan Psionic, Six Finger Satellite, Pest, Coyote, Plum Tree
Sun 2nd - Meat Puppets, Eric's Trip, Hip Club Groove & Stinkin' Rich,
          Trike, Suddens, Mona, Hedge

Gold Lame' Halifax Pop Explosion Industry Pass

We're offering a "special" industry pass to anyone who's 
interested in coming to the Pop Explosion under the guise 
of working.  The pass is $100 and will allow you free and 
easy access to all festival events.  The pass will feature
a host of other perks as well such as deals on flights and
accomodations and possibly a discount at the bar.  Be warned
these passes will identify you as an "industry" insider, and
if it's worn predominantly you'll probably walk away with a 
bag of demos.

All joshing aside this is a great opportunity to see some of
the best bands in North America... and some of them even want
to talk to labels and publishers!

For more information contact Peter Rowan or Angie Fenwick
\!/ Decent Management ph. (902) 429-5691  fax (902) 429-9536

(confirmation still pending on some acts)

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