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Pentland on the net

The thing about all of this is that there are a lot of people who, 
although there are people who don't need to read this,... well the thing 
is that Patrick Pentland was seen staying up really late at Cliff Gibb's 
place (from THRUSH HERMIT!!!!!) and there are rumours that there was some 
secret meeting between THRUSH HERMIT and SLOAN about the future of the 
HALIFAX "scene", ... sort of a summit if you will... and, well we all 
know that things are coming to a stand still, what with certain bands 
being signed, that we have to keep the BUZZ going, so it has been decided 
( by the high councel) that there will be no more bands, shows, or any 
sort of musical activities of any kind in the HALIFAX area. It's 
dead...go home. BUY MY RECORD!!!