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park gig

i went to the park gig and saw:

Roland Blinn    who was great. A wacky guy that I used to see when he had a
                band and i was in junior high. He played a great cover of
                Del Shannon's Runaway. 

Broken Girl     I can't believe that Julie is only 22!  That's younger than
                me! I always thought that she was 27 or something. Oh well.
                She played a few songs solo and complained about the heat :)

Crappo 2        This was the best band (short of Thrush Hermit) of the gig-
                filled weekend. Although they weremore fun at Brunswick Hall.
                Laura's lyrics are so great. I hope that they play more. Is
                she staying in town? Maybe she will get her CKDU show back.
                She finally learned how to play guitar. Does anyone else think
                that she looks like Laura Ingles from Little House on the 
                Prairie? She played with the bassist and Rob from thrush
                hermit (he played drums). They filled out the sound nicely.
                She covered Limelight by Rush. 'nuff said!

State Champs    missed 'em. they were good the last time i saw them though.

Horn o' Plenti  ambient soundscapes - borders on pretention...but i don't
                think it crosses it. maybe...hmm...

2 guys from Leonard Conan       kinda dull. 

some woman and roland blinn on keyboards        took her 25 minutes to tune
                                                her guitar and then she sang
                                                some horendous songs. *shudder*

Allison Outhit  played on acoustic - solo. nothing really stood out.

Trike           Melanie has a great voice and I think that they sound better
                acoustic than electric. Maybe uit was just because I could
                actually hear melanie's voice this time...

Plumtree        well, I can't throw them in the Cub/Shonen Knife basket 
                anymore. They aren't as quirky musically anymore. They seem
                to be getting away from the "we're a cute little girl band...
                la la la" thing which really grates on my nerves after a few
                songs. The set was really good. and amanda is heelarious in
                between songs. they put across a sense of fun that another
                local female band doesn't. (i love jale, but they never really
                appear to be enjoying themselves on stage)

ack - erase the above three lines. they lead to a sexist generalization that
girl-groups should be more entertaining or funny than boy groups. 

well, anyway, the cinammon toast park thing was great and it is 3 am, so

mike g.